Crystal Wilkinson

Personal trainer


  • Helping you become a healthier version of you

  • Mobility and injury rehabilitation

  • Weight loss and muscle definition

  • Nutrition and lifestyle improvements

  • Pre-natal and post-natal training


  • Bachelor of Sport and Recreation

  • Certificate in Sports Massage

  • REPS registered

  • First aid certified

  • Tutor at NZ Institute of Health & Fitness (NZIHF)


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I am extremely passionate about helping others achieve their goals. It is my desire to help people live healthier, more productive, enjoyable and active lives through physical health and well-being. I thrive on new challenges and dedicate 100% of my effort, energy and skills to my clients. I am always designing new and exciting programmes for clients, while helping them all achieve their individual goals.


My mission is simple: ‘I want to leave this world in better shape than when I found it.’


 I want to partner with you on your fitness journey, and help you become the healthiest and strongest version of yourself.  


  • 11 years of Personal Training experience

  • Director of YouCan ltd - Corporate Wellness and Individual Wellness (Personal Training)

  •  Corporate Personal Trainer at Hyatt Hotel's Spa and Fitness Centre in Auckland.

  • Emerging Talent Co-ordinator for Netball Mainland - Personal Training athletes

About Crystal


I am an active, energetic, wife, daughter, sister, friend and accomplished business women. I love fitness and exercise, playing sport, being adventurous, organising, travelling and helping people achieve physical wellness.

I live in Cashmere, Christchurch, with my husband Peter. I am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional, working at the Heritage Health Club, and the director of YouCan Ltd.


People say I’m highly competitive (which is probably true), give a hundred percent effort into everything I do and I’m always working toward being number-one. My clients, companies, and netball teams will testify to this!




When I first met with Crystal I told her that I wanted someone who has expertise in the area of exercise and personal training; someone who is really interested in me; who challenges me; encourages me and also has fun. Crystal does all of those and more.

 Crystal has a degree in sport and recreation and knows so much about the body and how it works. She designs programmes that are targeted to what I need. Since working with Crystal my sore lower back has disappeared. Crystal really challenges me but also knows the days when she needs to lighten the workout, quickly sussing this out as we chat during the warm up. 

 As a result of working with Crystal I feel stronger, healthier, more confident physically in terms of balance and taking on new challenges and have an overall sense of wellbeing. Crystal is an extraordinary person and a fantastic trainer. We also have fun. Everyone I have recommended to Crystal loves her and thinks as a trainer she is amazing.




"Training with Crystal has changed my life for the better, I can't imagine ever going back to training on my own.  She makes it fun, she pays attention to what my body needs, both physically and emotionally, and knows when she can push me to another level. Crystal is always upbeat, supportive and makes training fun" 



Crystal is an exceptional Personal Trainer. In 11 months I have regained a level of fitness which I have not had for 9 years. I have lost 6 kilos of weight, can walk 7 kms in an hour (and at 70years of age that is quite an achievement), can comfortably bike for an hour, have improved muscle tone and am much stronger in mind and limb than I’ve been for a number of years.

She is professional, well organised, efficient and knowledgeable. Her programmes are very well designed and well balanced. Training sessions are never predictable and always interesting. Crystal has excellent time management skills and is an accomplished instructor. The components of the hour long training sessions are introduced seamlessly, with confidence and a high level of professionalism and she is very knowledgeable about human physiology and the effects of exercise programmes on the body. 

Crystal is undoubtedly, a committed, experienced and successful Personal Trainer who gets results, but it is her positive and attractive personality which for me is the icing on the cake. She always shows me respect, is genuinely enthusiastic and not patronising about my training goals and has a human warmth which works wonders for one’s motivation to keep fit and strong.

 -Margaret Taylor